About us

We are a young wedding agency with an experienced staff with hundreds of successful projects under our belt. We approach every project with love and relive every moment of preparation and rejoice in every smile of yours during the celebration.

Your wedding is a huge responsibility for us.

We are headquartered in Tbilisi, a city with endless colour, many locations for weddings and delicious cuisine. Our wedding planners will make sure you remember the day forever and tell all your friends about it.

Georgia is the perfect choice for weddings, the weather is cosmopolitan throughout most of the year, the variety of locations — private chateaus, castles, vineyards and delicious wine, the clearest lakes and of course the mountains, and just 5 hours drive from Tbilisi, and you are in Batumi, a city of modern architecture and the sea and of course we have a branch there where we can host your wedding on absolutely any budget.