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Wedding packages

Shu Apostille

  • Individual arrangement of marriage registration in Tbilisi
  • Consultation and support of wedding planner with paperwoks
  • Submission of application for marriage registration
  • Translator for the wedding ceremony
  • Providing witnesses
  • Translation into English and apostille in 4 working days (or in 1 working day)
  • Transfer for couple to the place of marriage registration

Shu Legalization

  • Individual arrangement of marriage registration in Tbilisi
  • Consultation and support of wedding planner with paperwoks
  • Passport translation and notarization
  • Submission of application for marriage registration
  • Providing witnesses
  • Translator for the wedding ceremony
  • Translation into English and legalization for UAE in 8-11 working days
  • Transfer for couple to the place of marriage registration
  • Express mail for the marriage certificate prepared for your country

Shu Offsite Wedding

from $2450
  • Official offsite marriage registration
  • Decor ceremony
  • MUAH
  • Bouquet and boutonniere
  • Photo shoot 3 hours
  • Video shoot 3 hour (camera + dron)
  • Transfer


Georgia has simple laws and quick administrative resources, all you need for your dream wedding is your passports, we do the rest for you.
  1. 1. Individual wedding planning

Who are we ?

Hi everyone, this is Sasha and Pasha – the founders of «Shu Wedding» Agency and we would like to tell you our story.

If you think that we are business partners and that our agency is just a business, then you are deeply mistaken.
First and foremost, we are a husband and wife who are madly in love with each other, with Georgia, and, of course, with what we do. 

Why did the idea for «Shu Agency» arise?

In 2019, Sasha and I decided to get married, at that time we had already lived in Georgia for several years, but we were still citizens of another country. To be honest, we were naive and thought that since we had lived here for a while, we could easily organize the wedding of our dreams.

First of all, men have to understand me, brides go crazy during wedding planning. On Monday she wanted a ceremony in the mountains, on Wednesday she wanted a lavish celebration at a restaurant in Tbilisi, and on Friday I found out that we were going to the beach, because «a wedding on the beach is the most romantic thing that can be».

Secondly, finding a good photographer, makeup artist, and decorator, who will be free on the day you want and the cost of their services without causing a heart attack, turned out to be quite a task. And that’s to say nothing of finding a pastry chef and choosing a wedding cake.

Thirdly, when we were able to decide on the location where we would like to hold the wedding and gathered the entire «team», it turned out that the location we needed was occupied for the next month. Yes, we hadn’t thought about booking the place in advance.

After that, we were forced to capitulate and turn to agency.

That’s when Sasha and I realized how hard it is to organize a wedding in Georgia when you’re a foreigner and got the idea to create our own wedding agency that would help couples not waste their time.

As for our wedding, it was great, but our agency would have done better!

How does the wedding agency «Shu agency» work?


  • There are six people in our team, and we don’t spread ourselves over several projects at once. If a couple contacts us, it means that all our attention is focused on them.
  • Your ideas and wishes are above all for us. We can suggest and adjust something, knowing the specifics of the place, climate, or other features.
  • All decisions are made only with your consent. If you wanted white roses in your wedding bouquet, we will not replace them with calla lilies, just because they are white too.
  • If there are any problems, delays, or anything like that during the wedding, we will not leave you alone with them and help with their solution.
  • «Shu agency» not only handles the organization of the celebration, but we also help with the application for marriage registration, as well as the translation of passports and marriage certificates.
  • For us, there are no «uninteresting» weddings. A wedding on any budget, even a modest one, is an opportunity for us to help a couple get married and be a little happier.
  • Your wedding planner will be with you during the entire wedding and take care of all the little details.
  • We’ve been in your shoes not too long ago ourselves, and we know how important it is to be on the same page as the organizers.

Sasha and I opened «Shu agency» Agency in October 2021, it’s been just over a year, and we’ve already helped over 100 couples register their marriages and have performed about 50 weddings. 

Today we can make the main conclusion – we are proud of every wedding we have held because we give ourselves to the process and take great pleasure in watching each «yes, I do» said.