Wedding at Chateau Mosmieri in Georgia

  • If you dream of a fairy-tale wedding among picturesque vineyards and majestic mountains, Chateau Mosmieri in Georgia is the perfect place for your celebration. Located in the heart of Kakheti, near the city of Telavi, this resort complex, which includes a hotel and a winery, offers a unique blend of Georgian charm and modern comfort, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for your special day.

    Advantages of Chateau Mosmieri for Your Wedding

    Stunning Natural Landscapes

    Chateau Mosmieri is situated on slopes overlooking the breathtaking views of the Alazani Valley and the snow-capped peaks of the Caucasus Mountains. This scenic panorama will provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony and photoshoot, adding magic to every moment of your celebration.

    Authentic Winery

    The name «Mosmieri» in ancient Georgian means «a person who drinks and appreciates wine,» which perfectly aligns with the philosophy of this winery. Mosmieri is renowned for its exquisite wines, which guests can not only taste but also learn about the intricacies of their production through specialized masterclasses. This location is unique as it continues to use exclusively local grape varieties, grown by hand using organic and traditional Georgian methods. The winery annually produces up to 140,000 bottles of completely natural, high-quality wine.

    Chateau for a wedding in Georgia
    Photo from Chateau Masmieri in Georgia
    Chateau wedding in Georgia

    Wedding Venues at Chateau Mosmieri

    • Main Restaurant: With a capacity of about 80 people, it allows for a cozy and elegant banquet.
    • Terrace: Accommodates approximately 60 guests, perfect for hosting outdoor receptions or cocktail parties.
    • Open Area by the Fountain: Designed for 60 guests, offering a romantic open-air atmosphere.
    • Ceremony Lawn: Can host about 80 guests, providing a beautiful spot for exchanging vows surrounded by nature.

    Comfortable Accommodation

    The hotel at Chateau Mosmieri offers 23 stylish and comfortable rooms, accommodating up to 53 guests. This ensures that your close family and friends have a convenient and enjoyable stay throughout the wedding event, allowing everyone to savor every moment of your special day.

    Unique Georgian Traditions

    The chateau actively supports and promotes Georgian wine and culinary traditions. Guests can participate in baking Georgian bread or tasting national dishes, adding authenticity and charm to your celebration. This immersion in local culture will make your wedding not just a celebration but a unique event remembered for years to come.

    Infrastructure for a Complete Rest

    The grounds of Chateau Mosmieri feature an outdoor pool, a terrace, and a well-maintained garden where you can relax and enjoy the magnificent views before or after the wedding ceremony. These amenities allow you to turn your wedding into an extended retreat where every guest can find something to enjoy.

    Entertainment and Activities

    For you and your guests, Chateau Mosmieri offers a variety of entertainment options, including wine tours, culinary masterclasses, excursions around the area, live music, and traditional Georgian dances. These activities will create a festive and joyful atmosphere for everyone attending your wedding celebration.

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    Climate and Best Time for a Wedding

    Georgia is known for its mild climate, and the best times for a wedding at Chateau Mosmieri are spring and autumn. During these seasons, the temperatures are comfortable, and nature is vibrant with colors. Additionally, there is less demand compared to the peak wedding season in Sakartvelo, which traditionally falls in the summer months.

    Individual Requests and Preferences

    The winery team strives to make your celebration perfect and is always ready to accommodate the wishes of the couple. This includes decor, venue arrangements, creating a personalized menu, providing entertainment for guests and their children. Mosmieri is a reliable partner that will not let you down on such an important day.

    Wedding ceremony at Chateau Mosmieri in Georgia
    Wedding in a chateau in Georgia
    Summer wedding ceremony at a chateau in Georgia

    Wedding Packages at Chateau Mosmieri

    This venue offers unique opportunities for weddings of any scale. The specialists at the wedding agency «Shu Wedding» will help you organize the wedding of your dreams by offering various service packages – from intimate ceremonies to large-scale celebrations with an «All Inclusive» system.

    Wedding with Close Family and Friends

    Wedding at Chateau Mosmieri
    Wedding dinner on the terrace at Chateau Mosmieri

    This package is designed for small celebrations with close family and friends and includes:

    • Ceremony on the lawn, accommodating up to 80 guests, adorned with floral arrangements.
    • Banquet in the main restaurant, with a menu selection from the chef.
    • Decorative setup of the celebration venue.
    • Services of a wedding coordinator for planning and managing all stages of the event.
    • Accommodation for newlyweds and guests in the comfortable hotel rooms.
    • Evening program with live music or entertainment.

    All-Inclusive Package

    For those who want to enjoy the celebration without any worries, the «All Inclusive» package offers:

    Chateau wedding in Georgia
    Wedding ceremony at Chateau Mosmieri
    • Complete organization and coordination of the wedding day.
    • Ceremony in the open area by the fountain or on the lawn with mountain views.
    • Reception on the terrace or in the main restaurant, including exquisite menu and drinks.
    • Decoration of the venue, including floral arches, bouquets, and decor.
    • Services of a professional photographer and videographer for the entire day.
    • Entertainment program, including live music, dance performances, and shows.
    • Wine tasting and a winery tour for the guests.
    • Accommodation in the chateau rooms for all guests.
    • Morning brunch for guests the day after the wedding.

    «Shu Wedding» understands that every couple is unique, so the packages and listed services are just examples. Depending on your preferences, our organizers will plan the wedding according to your requests and provide everything you need. For example, our couples often choose:

    • Personalized menu according to guests’ preferences.
    • Organization of special events, such as culinary masterclasses or traditional Georgian dances.
    • Special programs for children.
    • Additional services, such as professional makeup artists, stylists, and hairdressers.
    • Transportation arrangements for guests, including transfers from Tbilisi or Telavi.

    Whether you choose an intimate ceremony or a grand celebration, Chateau Mosmieri and the wedding agency «Shu Wedding» will do everything possible to ensure your wedding leaves only the warmest memories.

    Why Do Foreign Couples Choose Chateau Mosmieri for Their Wedding?

    Couples from all over the world often choose Mosmieri not only for its stunning views but also for its high level of service and comfort. Every detail here is thought out to create an atmosphere of coziness, luxury, and genuine hospitality. Your wedding at this location will surely be remembered for years to come.

    Choose Chateau Mosmieri for your wedding celebration and give yourself and your guests unforgettable memories of a wedding in one of the most picturesque and romantic corners of Georgia. Let this day mark the beginning of your happy story surrounded by vineyards and mountains, with your celebration forever infused with the aromas of wine and love.

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