Marriage abroad: United Kingdom vs Georgia. Which one is better?

  • Wedding tourism has never been as popular as it is nowaday. At first, this is due to the opportunity appeared for people to get almost any place in the world for a fairly budgetary amount, as well as to the simplification of the visa policy of many countries.

    Thus, a huge number of couples who, for various reasons, could not formalize their marriage in their home country or country of residence, got the opportunity to resolve this issue by registering relationships in other countries.

    Who can face difficulties in getting married?

    • Couples who live in any country without its citizenship.
    • Couples with one of the partners has the citizenship of another country.
    • Lovers who are not allowed to get married in their country of residence due to religious reasons.
    • Same-sex partners who live in the country prohibiting the same-sex marriage.
    • Couples who are not willing or cannot collect all the necessary package of documents for marriage registration in their country of residence for some reasons.

    In such situations, partners often look for an alternative option and start to research information about the wedding abroad. On the net you may find lots of ratings like «the best countries for marriage of foreigners», but do not trust this information unconditionally, as the selection criteria could be completely different from those that you really need. Therefore, you should independently analyze the information about the destinations you are interested in and make sure that this particular country meets all your requirements in terms of marriage registering.

    Today we would like to talk about the UK, as many brides continue to dream of a wedding in the best English traditions, and will try to explain why this is not the best option given the limited time and tight budget.

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    Wedding abroad: UK vs Georgia

    Visa requirement for the marriage registrationTo register the marriage in the UK, a marriage visa is required (other options are not acceptable). The following types of visas are suitable for this case:
    – Marriage visitor visa – if you are going to stay in the country for less than 6 months.
    – Family visa – for permanent residence in the UK, if your partner is a citizen of the country, settled in the UK, has refugee status or humanitarian protection in the UK.
    – Family permit – permission to join your family member from the EU, EEA or Switzerland on the territory of UK.
    In most of cases, you may visit Georgia and stay on its territory for one year without visa.
    (This applies to citizens of 94 countries. Please check with the embassy the visa requirements for the particular country)
    Documents required for the marriage registration– Passport.
    – Birth certificate.
    – Address confirmation. You need to provide proof of your current place of living, such as a utility bill or bank statement.
    – Evidence of your immigration status (visa).
    – Certificate of no impediment to marriage. The document issued by your country’s embassy or consulate in the UK, which confirms having no legal barriers to get married.
    The documents in a foreign language, you require a notarized translation into English.
    – Valid international passport or travel document
    Minimum terms for proceeding the marriage (with no participation of intermediaries)Submission of the documents for registration is carried out at least 28 days before the desired date of the wedding.24 hours, including application, obtaining permission and registering the marriage.
    The cost of formal marriage registration (without an offsite ceremony)– $56 at a register office.
    – $104 at a registered religious building.
    Costs may be different at other approved premises.
    – Registration of the marriage in a formal setting at the House of Justice – $28.
    – Registration of the marriage at the Wedding Palace – $50 on working days.
    – Registration of the marriage at the Wedding Palace on weekend – $84.
    The cost of room for honeymooners in a five-star hotel in the center of the capital (per night)600-1000 USD150-300 USD
    The cost of renting a car in the capital (per day)– 60-120 USD – mid-class business car rental (Toyota Camry).
    – 180-350 – luxury car rental (Mercedes-Benz or BMW).
    – 30-60 USD – mid-class business car rental (Toyota Camry).
    – 70-120 USD – luxury car rental (Mercedes-Benz or BMW).
    The cost of a wedding photographer service in the capital (3 hours of shooting)600-1800 USD150-600 USD
    The cost of a wedding dinner for 20 pax in a restaurant in the center of the capital1800-6000 USD400-1200 USD
    Climate and weather conditionsThe UK has a humid climate with high rainfall:
    – 80% – average annual humidity.
    – 1000-1500 mm – average annual rainfall.
    – 1340 – the average number of sunshine hours per year.
    Georgia mostly has sunny and dry climate:
    – 50-75% – fluctuations of annual humidity.
    – 500-1500 mm – average annual rainfall.
    – 2200 – the average number of sunshine hours per year.
    Language featuresThere is no language barrier in most cases, as English is the official language of the UK.There may be a language barrier, since some part of the population (especially the older generation) rarely speaks English at a high level.
    Same sex marriage allowanceYesNo

    As we can see, the UK is significantly behind Georgia in terms of simplicity and speed of marriage registration, however, it obviously has the benefits provided to same-sex couples.

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    Thus, in relation to each of the countries in question, you can find the pros and cons. But if you are seriously considering your wedding in Georgia, then with no doubt it will be a truly fantastic and unforgettable experience. To get rid of all the remaining doubts and guaranteed to get the wedding of your dream, please contact the specialists of the «Shu Wedding» agency – we will be happy to take care of all the nuances of your upcoming wedding in Georgia.

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