10 interesting, useful, and strange facts about the country Georgia

All the advantages of Georgia can be listed endlessly because it really is fascinating, but today let’s talk about a few facts that may impress you.

Interesting facts about Georgia:

  • There are more than 500 varieties of grapes in Georgia. And this is almost a quarter of all the world’s varieties, in addition, there are still varieties in Georgia that do not occur anywhere else in the world and are in danger of extinction.
  • UNESCO. One can hardly argue that UNESCO adds only really worthwhile things to the list of world cultural heritage. Well, this list includes two Georgian cultural values at a time: polyphonic singing and the method of making and storing wine in large clay pitchers «kvevri» buried in the ground. Fortunately, hearing Georgian singing and tasting wine is quite accessible.
  • Guests, toasts, and a toastmaster. Forget about the ordinary «Cheers,» toasts in Georgia are a real art and can last up to several minutes. There is a special attitude to guests in this country; it is not for nothing that they say that time spent with a guest does not count as time lived, and that is why Georgians are famous for their longevity. But it is better to see the toastmaster in action once because it is simply impossible to describe it in words.
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Some useful and important facts about Georgia:

  • Police. The government of Georgia is putting a lot of effort into reforming all spheres of society and state activities. Georgia has been striving to become a member of the European Union for a long time, so the successful implementation of reforms is very important for the country. One of the most successful Georgian reforms is considered to be the police reform. For example, bribes have been eradicated, and police work has become more transparent and focused on helping citizens, rather than performing punitive functions. If you are in Georgia, you can ask the police for a ride to a place or call a patrol if you are drunk and do not want to drive. They will help you get home.
  • Security.  Georgia is a safe vacation country with a low crime rate, which, based on 2022 data, is rated at 25.70, and the safety of walking alone during the day at 85.42 (very high). By comparison, the U.S. crime index is almost twice as high at 48.47, and the safety of walking alone during the day is slightly lower –  at 71.38. In 2017, Georgia was ranked as the 7th safest country in the world to visit.
  • Anti-Semitism. It is one of the few countries in the world whose history is not tainted by the infringement of Jewish rights. The two peoples have coexisted absolutely peacefully for a very long time already, since about 586 B.C. And in 1998 there was even a great celebration of the anniversary of 2600 years of Georgian-Jewish friendship. Despite their ardent temperament and militant appearance, Georgians are a very friendly and tolerant nation.
  • Liberal policies. Georgia’s visa policy is the most lenient in the world; citizens of about 98 countries can reside on its territory for a year without a visa or residence permit. According to the World Bank, Georgia ranks 7th in the world in ease of doing business. And also has one of the easiest marriage procedures for foreigners.
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Three strange facts about Georgia:

  • Georgia is not Georgia. You will be surprised, but this country is called Georgia by anyone but Georgians. The locals call it Sakartvelo, and where the name «Georgia» came from is still not known to this day.
  • Bride Kidnapping. This is a very old Georgian tradition: the groom would kidnap the bride, often against her will, and force her into marriage. Of course, today it is not practiced in this form and kidnapping is a criminal offense in Georgia. No worries! But, as a tribute to tradition, young people sometimes stage this plot, which gives their wedding a romantic and historical flavor.
  • GWPRZKWNIT. If you thought there was some kind of typo or it was a Hogwarts spell, no. This is the Georgian language. It is so peculiar, and its word formation is so unfamiliar to most of us, that words with eight consonants can be a little intimidating. But English is perfectly spoken in Georgia, so rest easy, you can understand each other. By the way, gwprzkwnit means «you’re ripping us off».

And this is just a part of what Georgia can show you. Do not limit yourself to reading, it is better to buy a plane ticket and spend a few unforgettable days in this stunning country.

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