Marriage in UAE for Pakistanis

  • The United Arab Emirates is an amazing country for many reasons. When you hear laudatory reviews about the Emirates, it is not always possible to determine what exactly produced such an incredible effect on a person. Without exaggeration, the Emirates are worthy of admiration: a rich history, devotion to religious values, a unique lifestyle, the dynamics of economic development and many other aspects leave no one indifferent.

    Besides all of the above, there is one feature that distinguishes this fabulous Middle Eastern country from others — about 90% of the UAE residents are representatives of other countries. And despite the government’s focus on attracting foreign specialists of different fields, the Emirates government is reluctant to get any concessions and makes the foreigners strictly follow its internal rules.

    The laws in force in the Emirates are often criticized by people who do not profess Islam or do not follow Muslim traditions as strictly as the Emiratis. The legislative system of this country is largely based on religious beliefs, which determine the daily life of all the inhabitants of the UAE.

    Sharia laws applies, among other things, to the private life of citizens and prohibits almost any relationship between a man and a woman, unless they are officially married or related by blood. Marriage is the only form of relationship that legally allows a couple to cohabit and have children. Violation of these rules is highly likely to result in a serious legal penalties or deportation for the foreigners

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    Marriage registration for representatives of Pakistan in the Emirates

    An official marriage allows you to legalize your romantic relationship within the framework of the laws and social norms of the UAE. It must be clearly understood that the Emiratis fully support this policy. So that, if you plan to stay in the country for a long time, even more outside the tourist areas, then you may be denied rental housing if you are not officially married. In addition, the cohabitation of an unmarried couple often causes aggression of the local population and may lead to the call of the police.

    Despite the huge number of foreigners living in the country, strict legislation implies a difficult system of marriage registration, which takes very long time, requires the collection of a number of documents and passing of serious examinations.

    In this regard, the couples from Pakistan have a kind of advantage, since, for the most part, they profess Islam and can enter into a religious alliance, that is traditional for the United Arab Emirates.

    Requirements for Pakistanis to get married in the UAE

    In order for the marriage to be considered legally valid, you have to meet a number of criteria and provide a certain set of documents and data:

    • Both partners must be Muslim (in the case of a traditional religious marriage).
    • The bride and groom must be of the legal age (over 18 years). If one or both of the partners do not meet that criteria, then a marriage license can be issued by a judge only.
    • The difference in the age of future spouses should not be more than two times. In certain circumstances, the judge may provide the permission for such an alliance.
    • Partners must not be related by blood.
    • If a man already has the spouse, then his first wife must give written consent for the upcoming wedding.
    • Future spouses must draw up and register a marriage contract in the Sharia court.
    • Before marriage, both partners must undergo a medical examination, which includes analysis for genetic, chronic and viral diseases, as well as a test for the presence of drugs in the body. Certificates of passing all tests must be presented in the court. Partners are required to notify each other of the results of medical tests.
    • The father or a caregiver of the bride must give the written consent to the marriage.
    • At least one of the future spouses must have UAE citizenship or a residence permit in this country.
    • If the bride has already been married, she must provide the sufficient documents confirming the divorce or death of her first husband.
    • At the conclusion of the marriage, the bride’s and groom’s personal presence is a must.
    • The ceremony must also be attended by the bride’s father or caregiver, as well as two Muslim male witnesses.
    • In addition to all of the above, you may need: a marriage license from your country’s embassy, documentary proof of your place of actual living, a certificate of marital status, several photos of passport size, and other documents.
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    Marriage for Pakistani couples in the United Arab Emirates (Muslim + non-Muslim or non-Muslim + non-Muslim)

    Marriage between a Muslim man and a woman of a different religion is not forbidden, but is possible only under the following circumstances. For example:

    • The bride must be approved by the groom’s parents.
    • A non-Muslim woman can practice only two religions — Christianity or Judaism.
    • The moral image of a woman must comply with Muslim canons.

    The marriage of a Muslim woman and a man of different religion is prohibited in the UAE. To get married, the man will need to convert to Islam.

    Two non-Muslim Pakistanis can be married as foreigners by applying to the Pakistani Embassy or Aliens Court.

    Getting married in the UAE is a very exhausting procedure and is more formal than festive or filled with joy. The process of passing the tests and obtaining a lot of documents is definitely not what you would like to do as a part of the wedding chores.

    Are you looking for a way to quickly resolve all the issues with the official marriage registration and enjoy a real wedding ceremony at the same time? Then you may choose a slightly different approach — get married in Georgia.

    Georgia is a unique country that allows Pakistanis to get married in 24 hours, providing a passport only. This is a great opportunity for anyone who prefers to spend their time on pleasant wedding preparations rather than devoting it to bureaucratic red tape.

    Such a quick marriage registration in Georgia can cost you from 450 dollars only, and you may entrust all the organizational issues and preparation of documents to the professionals of the «Shu Wedding» agency.

    Find out more about getting married in Georgia for Pakistanis by contacting our managers.

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