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  • Recently, many couples have been opting for unconventional venues for their weddings, with Georgia emerging as one of the popular destinations for this unforgettable occasion. Its captivating landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and the hospitality of locals make it an ideal place to create a magical moment that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

    Choosing an inexpensive wedding venue in Georgia
    A wedding in Georgia at an estate

    Getting married abroad provides an opportunity to exchange vows in a unique setting, far from the usual views and only surrounded by cherished guests. However, one of the key aspects of such a journey is choosing the perfect venue for the celebration. After all, the atmosphere and location of the venue are responsible for at least half of the magic of this day.

    Therefore, today we want to talk not only about the aesthetic aspect of the wedding venue but also address a more complex and interesting topic – cost.

    Inexpensive wedding venues in Georgia: a winning or losing option?

    During our work in the field of wedding organization, we have encountered two extremes:

    • Some couples want to save on everything.
    • Others, however, completely do not control or limit their budget.

    You might have thought that the second option sounds like a jackpot for us, but it’s not actually the case. The difficulty of an unlimited budget is that couples often do not know what, where, and how they want things. We wander with them blindly through endless options and cannot make a decision. In the end, with such couples, organizing the celebration takes a huge amount of effort and time but does not always bring the desired result.

    In our work, we always, absolutely always, advise couples to follow a few rules:

    • Clearly define the budget boundaries.
    • Do not blindly try to replicate someone else’s wedding.
    • Consider all possible options.
    • Always check the locations.
    • Listen to the advice of specialists.
    • Be prepared to compromise.

    After these recommendations, the process of selecting a wedding venue becomes clearer. And returning to the main question of whether to choose inexpensive locations, our answer is – yes. But it should be done wisely. There’s no need to chase the lowest price; instead, find a venue that offers the best value for money.

    The venue, indeed, plays a significant role, but it’s essential not to underestimate everything else. Even an inexpensive venue, with the right decoration, can look stunning and be on par with exclusive options. The task is to find such a hidden gem.

    Locations for a cheap wedding in Georgia
    Wedding fireworks in Georgia
    Locations for a small budget wedding in Georgia

    Where to host an inexpensive wedding in Georgia?

    Of course, the cheapest option to get married in Georgia is to simply register your marriage at one of the registry offices. But will this process provide you with memorable emotions? Doesn’t such an important day deserve to be truly bright and special? We believe that you and your partner deserve a real celebration. So let’s discuss where to organize a luxurious wedding abroad with a modest budget.

    With nearly 70,000 square kilometers of territory, we have traveled every corner of Georgia. And we can confidently say that the best place to organize an inexpensive yet memorable wedding in Georgia is the city of Tbilisi and its surroundings. To confirm our words, here are a few facts.

    Five reasons why Tbilisi is perfect for a budget-friendly wedding:

    • Presence of an international airport. It may seem unrelated to the wedding budget, but it’s actually crucial. By holding the ceremony in Tbilisi, you save time and money on travel. Remember that all transportation expenses should be multiplied, considering guests and certain specialists such as photographers or makeup artists, whose transfers need to be covered if you decide to go somewhere deep into the country.
    • Wide variety of locations. Tbilisi is not only the capital of Georgia but also a truly unique city. Here you will find absolutely everything: modern and ancient architecture, mountain or river views, museums, botanical gardens, art galleries, parks, cafes, restaurants, and more. All of these are open for hosting wedding celebrations.
    • Abundance of accommodation options. The cost of accommodation can constitute a significant part of the budget, but Tbilisi offers the opportunity to save on this expense. Here you will find a wide choice not only of luxury hotels but also budget-friendly options with good service and location. Believe me, such democratic prices are almost impossible to find in remote areas of the country.
    • Wide range of specialists with different pricing policies. Tbilisi is home to the largest number of diverse specialists involved in the wedding organization process. These include photographers, videographers, confectioners, florists, musicians, etc. Due to high competition, you can find performers for almost any budget.
    • High level of service. It’s worth noting that in Georgia, service is generally good, although it may not always meet European standards. Sometimes it’s quite unique but extremely friendly. To avoid misunderstandings and feel more comfortable, we recommend choosing Tbilisi. Since it attracts the most tourists, the level of service is generally higher than in other cities. Moreover, more specialists speak English, which greatly helps in communication and interaction.

    Well, with the location sorted out, you now know exactly where to look for that perfect place that combines the best value for money. Tbilisi awaits you!

    Stylish wedding with snow in Tbilisi, Georgia
    Locations for small budget wedding in Tbilisi
    Autumn wedding in Georgia

    How to choose a venue for an inexpensive wedding?

    Finally, we have come to the most interesting question. And if you are interested in the answer to it, then everything is very simple — you should contact the wedding agency «Shu Wedding». Without too much modesty, we are sure that we are exactly who you need.

    The perfect location for a wedding in Tbilisi
    The perfect location for a wedding in Tbilisi

    Our personal archive contains data on all the most interesting, chic, expensive, cheap, unusual and definitely worthy of your attention locations in Georgia. We have been selecting all of these metas ourselves for several years and there is no location on this list that we have not personally visited.

    We always monitor the market and if a new location opens in Tbilisi, its neighborhoods or somewhere else we rush there. It is important for us to make a personal impression of everything the site has to offer:

    • The view.
    • Accommodation.
    • Food.
    • Services.
    • Service.
    • Cost.
    • Actions in force majeure circumstances.
    • Flexibility in work.
    • Responsiveness to criticism.
    • Terms of cooperation.
    • Discount opportunities for our couples.

    We never advise a couple on a place where we’ve never been. And our golden rule is to double-check. If you’ve chosen a location, we’ll go and check again how it looks and what conditions it offers. With us, you’ll never go wrong in your choice!

    We want to note that Tbilisi is not the only region where we can offer you locations with the perfect balance of pleasant price and high quality. Contact us, and we will help you organize the wedding of your dreams for any budget!

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