Wedding at Chateau Buera in Georgia

  • Choosing a wedding location is a decision that cannot be made on the fly. It’s not just a venue for the ceremony; it’s the atmosphere that will surround you and your guests on one of the most important days of your life. That’s why every detail must be impeccably planned, and the place chosen with particular care and attention to detail.

    Wedding at Chateau Buero in Lopota Complex in Georgia
    Wedding photo shoot at Chateau Buera

    One location we always recommend for couples to consider is Chateau Buera. It combines a truly astonishing, even fairy-tale-like appearance with numerous options that will be beneficial for the couple and impress their guests.

    Many lovers from different corners of the world have already fulfilled their dream and married amidst the picturesque landscapes of this winery. We suggest you not miss this chance and get acquainted with this amazing location.

    Chateau Buera: A Fairy-Tale Castle and Unique Winery

    Upon first seeing Chateau Buera, you get the impression that you are in front of a real fairy-tale castle. The winery’s architecture impresses not only wine connoisseurs but also delights almost all couples looking for a wedding venue in Georgia. It’s hard to imagine that this fantastic palace is not the creation of architects from past centuries, but a modern project by Gogi Maisuradze, created in 2018. The name Maisuradze is associated with the history of the revival of this place and the culture of wine production. For many years, he and his family have continued to develop the chateau, making it better each year.

    Chateau Buera is located in the heart of Kakheti, the greatest wine-producing region of Georgia. It is situated on the shores of Lopota Lake, surrounded by vineyards, adding even more charm and allure to the winery.

    The chateau is named after the local Georgian grape variety Buero, which grows on the estate. Besides this unique variety, several other types of grapes are cultivated here, allowing the winery to produce not only traditional Georgian wines but also French ones, including Kisi, Mtsvane, Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Cabernet, Chardonnay, and Merlot.

    Chateau Buera is renowned not only for its high-quality wine, which is the fruit of the region’s centuries-old winemaking culture but also for its minimal intervention approach to winemaking. The winery strives to preserve the natural characteristics of the grapes by minimizing the use of chemical additives and mechanical impacts on the fermentation process. This helps maintain the authenticity and uniqueness of the wine’s flavor, passing on Georgia’s heritage and traditions.

    Photos of Chateau Buero in Georgia
    Wedding in the vineyard of Georgia
    Restaurant at Chateau Buero in Georgia

    Chateau Buera and Lopota Lake Resort & Spa

    One of the greatest advantages of Chateau Buera is the fact that it is not just a winery but part of one of the best resort complexes in Georgia, namely Lopota Lake Resort & Spa.

    The complex occupies a vast territory and can offer its guests:

    • A hotel with 231 rooms.
    • Several restaurants with diverse cuisines and modern interiors.
    • Two piers for hosting various celebratory events.
    • A spa complex offering restorative and wellness procedures.

    A whole array of different activities, such as tennis courts, horseback riding, quad tours, a children’s club, etc.

    All this allows the couple and their guests to not only enjoy real Georgian wine, vineyards, and the chateau but also extend their stay at Lopota Lake Resort for several days, feeling like they are on vacation at the best five-star hotel.

    Restoin at Chateau Buero for a wedding in Georgia
    Garden for wedding photo shoot at Buero Chateau in Georgia
    Wedding arch on the pier at Chateau Buero in Georgia

    The Highlight of a Wedding at Chateau Buera

    When considering a location for a wedding, you must understand its strengths and weaknesses and strive to get the most vivid and unique impressions. When it comes to organizing a wedding celebration at Buera, two interesting directions stand out:

    Each of these can be used as a central element of the celebration or a photo session. However, it is worth considering that vineyards, unlike the chateau, are seasonal and can become the star of your celebration only if you come here at the right time of year.

    Besides this, it would be foolish to miss the opportunity to delight yourself and your loved ones with a taste of real Georgian wine, which is produced right before your eyes.

    A professional sommelier can add a unique touch to your wedding by organizing a tasting of various wines and providing extensive information about winemaking processes and the history of wine production. This can become an interesting aspect of the celebration and allow you to expand your knowledge in this area. Even if you’re not a connoisseur of world wines, you will certainly appreciate the taste of a quality drink!

    Currently, Chateau Buera offers several wine tour options:

    • Buera Wine Tour – $30 per person.
    • Special Chateau Buera Reserve Tour – $55 per person.
    • Dessert Wine Tour at Chateau Buera – $75 per person.
    • Amber Wine Tour – $45 per person.

    Each tour lasts between 40 to 60 minutes. During this time, you can tour the vineyards, cellars, and part of the production area. You will learn more about Georgian winemaking technology and try four different types of wine with a selection of appetizers.

    You can use these wine tours as pre- or post-wedding entertainment. Alternatively, elegantly integrate them into the wedding dinner, making them the highlight of the evening. In such cases, the cost of the tour is discussed individually.

    A castle wedding in Georgia
    A sunset wedding in Georgia
    Magical wedding in Georgia

    Organizing a Wedding at Chateau Buera

    Planning a wedding in another country can become a real challenge. It’s quite difficult to control all aspects of preparation from a distance, especially if you are not a professional in this field. That’s why we suggest you save time and nerves by entrusting the planning of such a special day to the specialists at the «Shu Wedding» agency.

    We can help you with a range of issues:

    Wedding in a chateau in Georgia
    A beautiful summer wedding at Chateau Buera
    • Budgeting. Planning a wedding starts with determining the budget. Our managers will help you develop a detailed budget, considering all your wishes, financial capabilities, and current market prices.
    • Planning all aspects of the celebration. Organizing a wedding is a complex process that requires attention to every detail. We take care of planning all the nuances of your celebration so you can enjoy every moment of the upcoming event without spending time on routine issues.
    • Booking and rental. Our team will do everything possible to book and rent the necessary objects and services for your wedding, including the ceremony location, hotel, and transport.
    • Searching, selecting, and controlling all service providers. We will carefully select service providers, considering your style and preferences, and ensure quality control at every stage of preparation.
    • Legal support. Registering the marriage and preparing all necessary documents is an important step in organizing the wedding. We will provide you with all the necessary information and support.
    • Coordination and control on the wedding day. On your special day, we will be on-site to ensure the smooth running of all events and resolve any issues that may arise.
    • Post-wedding support. We don’t forget about you after the ceremony. Our team will be available to assist you with any questions or help you may need after the wedding.

    With the «Shu Wedding» agency, your wedding at Chateau Buera will become an event you will remember with a smile on your face. Entrust us with the care of your special day, and we will do everything possible to make it unforgettable.

    Chateau Buera is not just a place for weddings; it’s truly a special location where every detail is imbued with care and attention to guests. Its appeal as a wedding venue is undeniable, and the impressions it leaves with guests last a lifetime.

    Don’t hesitate to ask additional questions if this place has captured your heart. We will help you make your choice and organize everything at the highest level!

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