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  • Georgia is one of the most sought-after destinations for foreign couples to tie the knot. This is attributed to its stunning locations, budget-friendly prices, and, of course, the possibility of swiftly formalizing a marriage.

    The country offers numerous exquisite venues for weddings, but today we would like to discuss options for couples seeking an affordable and expeditious way to officially wed abroad.

    We’ve previously emphasized that prices in Tbilisi are quite low compared to other popular wedding destinations. However, nuances matter, as choosing Georgia could entail expenses for marriage registration that exceed your budget.

    Therefore, for couples looking to quickly and economically enter into matrimony, we recommend adhering to three key points:

    • The best city for an affordable wedding for foreigners is Tbilisi;
    • The fastest way to get married in Georgia is to approach the registry office;
    • The most reliable way to avoid delays and unforeseen expenses is to turn to «Shu Wedding» agency.

    Our agency specializes in organizing weddings for foreign couples of various scales and budgets. With us, your marriage will be arranged within strictly defined timelines!

    After we have settled on the city and wedding organizers, it’s time for the most exciting stage – choosing the registry office (wedding hall).

    The splendid wedding palaces in Tbilisi offer marriage registration services in both traditional and ceremonial settings. However, each of them has its unique features.

    In Tbilisi, we recommend paying attention to three wedding halls embodying a distinct wedding direction.

    «Konka»: Romantic Wedding Palace in Tbilisi

    Weddings at the Konka Tbilisi registry office.
    Romantic small wedding in Tbilisi

    «Konka» or Registry office No. 1 is the oldest wedding hall in Tbilisi, tenderly preserving the richness of history and traditions. Small and cozy, this historic ZAGS has become a favorite among local and foreign couples alike, thanks to its unique style and enchanting atmosphere. A carved wooden balcony, adorned with grapevines, exudes charm, attracting lovers for photoshoots and symbolizing the beginning of marital life.

    Situated in the heart of the city, «Konka» wedding hall has witnessed numerous historical events and the creation of countless families. It seamlessly blends into the historical context, located near architectural landmarks, the Rezo Gabriadze Theater, and the picturesque Shavteli Street. Its proximity to the ancient Anchiskhati Church, built in the 6th century, adds a special charm, infusing the place with the spirit of centuries.

    An integral part of «Konka» wedding hall is its antique and authentic hall, built in 1897. Warm, cozy interior colors, carved wooden balconies draped in grapevines, and majestic plasterwork create an atmosphere where each wedding transforms into a unique event. Here, amidst blooming gardens and winding streets of the Old City, family stories come to life, and every couple can embark on their own extraordinary journey in this remarkable place.

    Uznadze wedding hall: Classical wedding palace in Tbilisi

    The classical interior Uznadze wedding hall, immersed in delicate shades of pink and white, creates a serene atmosphere, perfect for the matrimonial ceremony. The couple can choose from two halls for the solemn rites, depending on their preferences and the number of guests.

    Situated along the Kura River waterfront, the building possesses a unique and picturesque quality. Merely a short stroll from this secluded venue lies the renowned Rike Park and the ancient Metekhi Church, providing a splendid backdrop for the wedding day.

    Family values and romantic elegance come to life within the interiors of both halls. The dimensions of these spaces allow for an intimate ambiance for smaller celebrations, yet they can also accommodate numerous guests for more grandiose weddings.

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    Tbilisi registries

    House of Justice: Modern wedding hall in Tbilisi

    Marriage registration at the House of Justice in Tbilisi

    The House of Justice in Tbilisi, situated along the picturesque Kura River, not only represents a magnificent fusion of modern architecture and governmental services but also transforms into a unique space for solemn matrimony.

    This glass-clad structure, enveloped by transparent walls, creates an atmosphere of openness and light, lending a distinctive charm to your wedding registration. Simultaneously, newlyweds can bask in the splendid views of the river and city, setting the stage for ideal conditions for romantic photoshoots. It is the optimal choice for those who appreciate minimalism and seek to avoid unnecessary formality.

    Opting for the wedding hall at the House of Justice for your wedding in Tbilisi ensures not only the legal status of spouses but also imparts indelible memories of the most extraordinary day of your lives.

    As you can see, Tbilisi has the ability to satisfy even the most refined tastes, offering the opportunity to live through absolutely unforgettable moments during your stay in Georgia.

    «Shu Wedding» agency invites you to take advantage of our exclusive «Shu Apostille» service package and formalize your marriage in one of Tbilisi’s wedding halls for just $450.

    If you wish to obtain more detailed information, feel free to contact us, and we will gladly share all the advantages of this wedding package.

    Choose Georgia, for it is here that genuine and blissful families come to life!

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