How to legalize a marriage concluded in Georgia in Dubai?

  • At a certain point, every couple immersed in love begins to contemplate making their relationship official by entering into marriage. For many, this becomes a special celebration, filled with sparkling magnificence and joy. On this day, everything goes according to plan, smiles never fade from faces, and eventually, a honeymoon awaits you as spouses.

    All of this is truly attainable, but it requires a series of significant preparatory steps. The general path to creating a wedding tale can be represented as follows:

    Wedding with a view in Georgia
    Vivid emotions and unforgettable memories in Georgia
    • Choosing the date and venue for the ceremony.
    • Defining the budget.
    • Compiling the guest list.
    • Selecting the style of the celebration and decorations.
    • Assembling the wedding team: host, musicians, makeup artists, hairstylists, bakers, photographers, and other specialists.
    • Renting a hotel, restaurant, car.
    • Choosing wedding attire.
    • Legal registration of the marriage.

    And this plan is far from exhaustive, it’s simply a listing of the most common points. All of this applies to weddings you’re planning within your place of residence or at least within the territory of your residing country. But what about a wedding abroad?

    If you’re considering registering your marriage in another country, then in addition to the steps mentioned above, you should also include, at the very least:

    • Purchasing tickets to the country where you intend to marry.
    • Translating documents into English or the local language.
    • Notarizing the documents and obtaining their apostille.
    • Legalizing the obtained marriage certificate in your country of residence.

    Legalization is a vital stage in the process of validating your marriage. If you decide to skip it, there can be no talk of any official spousal status.

    Is it always necessary to legalize a marriage certificate?

    In order for your marriage certificate to hold legal authority, there are two potential avenues:

    Apostille involves the process of certifying official documents for recognition and legal effect in another country that is a participant of the 1961 Hague Convention. The primary objective of the apostille is to simplify the procedure for international document acknowledgment. Among member nations, document legalization processes are considerably streamlined, thereby saving your time.

    Legalization becomes imperative when a country is not a signatory to the Hague Convention. In such nations, the document certification process may entail multiple stages and demand substantial effort from your end.

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    How to legalize your marriage in Dubai?

    The United Arab Emirates, including Dubai, is not a member of the Hague Convention. To ensure the recognition of your marriage certificate in this country, a comprehensive process of legalization is required.

    The requirements for legalizing marriages can vary depending on the country where the marriage took place. As long as «Shu Wedding» agency specializes in arranging weddings for foreign couples in Georgia, let’s delve into the process of legalizing a marriage using this country as an example.

    To have a marriage conducted in Georgia acknowledged as valid in Dubai, the following steps need to be taken:

    • Notarization of Marriage Certificate Copy: Any notary within the borders of Georgia can authenticate a notarized copy of the document. It is crucial that the signature and seal on the copy are affixed by the notary themselves, not their assistant.
    • Document Translation: UAE legislation necessitates document translation into English or Arabic, as language requirements often shift. Clarifying this detail beforehand is advisable. The translation is subsequently verified and notarized by a notary.
    • Authentication of Signature and Seal at the Ministry of Justice in Georgia: The certificate, alongside the notarized copy and translation, is submitted to the Ministry of Justice of Georgia for authentication of the signature and seal’s authenticity. After verification, an additional sheet containing authentication information is added.
    • Authenticity Confirmation by the Ministry of Justice in Georgia: The Ministry of Justice affixes a stamp, signature, holographic sticker, and ministry seal to the document.
    • Consular Department Notarization at the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The authenticity of the Ministry of Justice’s seal and the official’s signature is verified at the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia. A consular sticker with a barcode and seal is added to the document.
    • Legalization at the UAE Embassy: The document is submitted to the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Tbilisi for legalization. You will need to pay the embassy fee and await authentication.
    • UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation: Ultimately, the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirms the seal of their diplomatic representation in Georgia.
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    Consequently, after traversing these stages, the document will be primed for employment in the United Arab Emirates, and your marriage will hold full legal validity in Dubai.

    Regarding the intricacies of legalizing your marriage, you can opt for a self-driven approach or seek the expertise of the specialists of «Shu Wedding» agency. You may choose our «Shu Legalization» wedding package or incorporate this service within a different package arrangement.

    Our mission is to craft an unforgettable wedding experience in Georgia and to ensure that the marriage you enter into here holds global validity.

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