Autumn Wedding in Georgia

A bright fall wedding season in Georgia. Tips on how to choose the best-matching wedding style for newlyweds.

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Official marriage with apostille for one country

Individual arrangement of marriage registration in the Wedding palace in Tbilisi

Consultation and support of a wedding planner

Passport translation and notarization

Filing of application for marriage registration

Providing witnesses

Translation and apostille for one country in 1 working days

Transfer to the place of marriage registration


Official marriage ceremony with legalization for one country

Individual arrangement of marriage registration in the Wedding palace in Tbilisi

Consultation and support of wedding planner

Submission of application for marriage registration

Providing witnesses

Translations and legalization for the UAE in 5 working days

Transfer to the place of marriage registration

Passport translation and notarization

from $1960

Offsite ceremony in Tbilisi

Official offsite marriage registration

Decor ceremony


Bouquet and boutonniere

Photo shoot 3 hour

Video shoot 3 hour (camera + dron)


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Steps of process organization your wedding

1. Choosing a wedding destination

Georgia has a variety of wedding locations — the Caucasus Mountains, the Black Sea, antique chateaus with vineyards, lakes with beautiful views that you can choose from

2. Services and your wishes as you see the wedding of your dreams

We maximum attention to detail and select the finest services to make your wedding just like in the movies and prepare a proposal for you

3. Offer

We discuss and agree on the proposal, make adjustments according to your wishes

4. Contract

We sign a contract for this you need only your passport, with it you are safe, even in case of force majeure

5. Prepayment

In order for us to be able to book your chosen contractors and begin preparations, you have to send us an advance payment in any way that is convenient for you

6. Preparing for your wedding

You will be assigned a personal organizer who will take all the hassle of the organization in time to make the necessary adjustments

At this stage, the timing of your celebration will be prepared for you, all the contractors you have chosen will be organized, as well as the final coordination of details, decor and other enjoyable little features

7. Full accompaniment on the wedding day

From the morning until the last guest, our team of organizers and coordinators will be with you to take care of all matters

Autumn Wedding in Georgia

Most orthodox people still celebrate their marriage ceremonies in autumn. This is a tradition from the past that is respected in Georgia as well. Additionally, the fall wedding season here is very beautiful and colorful. The gorgeous Georgian nature welcomes all the brides and grooms and provides a great opportunity to make warm love stories and marriage photos.

If you are inspired by the fall wedding colors in Georgia and are interested in planning a wedding in Sakartvelo, our agency is at your command. Take a closer look at the most helpful tips for bridal couples from our dedicated team.

How to Plan an Autumn Wedding in Georgia?

Planning a fall wedding in Georgia seems a process full of hassle and challenges. But we can do all the paperwork and arrange everything if you brief us about your desires! Entrust the organization of your fall wedding to our agency. This way you won’t care about anything, and the ceremony will be planned stress-free.

How to Choose the Right Autumn Wedding Style?

There are some tips for grooms and brides to get prepared for a fall wedding in Georgia:

  • Select outfits for your marriage according to the Georgian fall wedding colors (warm yellow, red, orange color points). Choose traditional white and black clothes to contrast with the picturesque natural background.
  • Do not select a too warm tuxedo or wedding dress for the autumn ceremony. The Velvet seasons and the Indian summers here are rather warm. For your September or October wedding, it will be enough to wear some long-sleeve outfits with no sweaters and jackets.
  • Weddings in Georgia can take place in the open air. Think of the comfortable outfit for photo sessions in the mountains, castles, and other hard-to-reach locations.

Additionally, pay attention to accessories. Bright hats, scarves, and other add-ons look perfectly together with nude clothes for marriage ceremonies. Hope that these recommendations will come in handy when it comes to your planning a fall wedding. Other nuisances put up to us!



In Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, the influence of other cultures, in particular Persian and Russian, is very noticeable. Cobbled streets, Orthodox churches, intricately decorated Art Nouveau buildings and architectural monuments of Soviet modernism - all this is Tbilisi. Above it rises the mountain fortress Narikala, built in the 4th century, and now reconstructed, and the symbol of Tbilisi, Georgia as a whole and the hospitality of the Georgian people - the monument "Mother of Kartli".



Sighnaghi is a small town in the eastern part of Georgia. The administrative center of the Signakhi municipality, which is part of the Kakheti region. The center of the historical-geographical region of Cyziki. It is located on the side of a mountain, on terraces connected by winding steep streets.



Kakheti is a region and historical region in the east of Georgia, in the upper reaches of the Iori and Alazani rivers. The name comes from the Kakha, a sub-ethnic group of Georgians in Eastern Georgia; -et- suffix indicating the habitat of this people.



The port city and Black Sea resort of Batumi is the capital of the Georgian Republic of Adjara. Batumi Boulevard runs along the embankment, the park and the beach. On the Alphabet Tower, 130 meters high with inscriptions in Georgian, there is an observation deck overlooking the sea. In the Old Town, you can see many reconstructed buildings of the 19th century. In the northern part of Batumi there is a botanical garden, where plants from all over the world are collected.

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