Marriage Procedure for Pakistanis and Indians in Dubai

  • The United Arab Emirates is a very attractive location, despite the extremely hot climate and fairly strict legislation based on serious religious convictions and Sharia laws.

    This country is considered not only as a tourist destination, which involves traveling for a couple of days or a week. Not at all. The UAE and Dubai in particular occupy one of the leading positions in the world in terms of economic growth and development. Nowadays, Dubai is rightfully one of the world’s financial and business capitals.

    In order to maintain such an impressive pace of development and ensure the influx of fresh personnel and ideas into the country, the Government of the Emirates has set its sights on actively attracting of high-class foreign specialists, as well as laborers of various fields.

    According to the UN data for 2019, almost 90% of the population of the Kingdom are immigrants, who are mostly represented by the following nationalities:

    • Indians – around 38%.
    • Pakistanis – 9.4%.
    • Bangladeshis – 9%.
    • Filipinos – 6.1%.

    Citizens of these countries represent the largest diasporas in the United Arab Emirates.

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    In the context of such a multinational population, the country often faces problems of interaction between different cultures and traditions. It is important to note that the authorities of the Emirates are not inclined to introduce any changes to simplify the life of representatives of other nationalities on their territory. Therefore, even the most minimal and so rare concessions from the government cause a flurry of public approval.

    One of the hot topics that concern foreigners living in Dubai is a marriage registration.

    The legislation of the country obliges couples seeking the cohabitation and the children’s birth to be legally married. Violation of these rules can lead to serious prison terms or deportation.

    Therefore, today we would like to consider the issue of marriage between citizens of India and Pakistan in Dubai.

    Wedding in the Emirates for representatives of Pakistan and India

    Couples can enter into two types of marriage:

    • Traditional religious Muslim marriage.
    • Civil marriage concluded in a court.

    Muslim Marriage for Pakistanis and Indians in Dubai

    Requirements for the couple:

    • The traditional marriage contract of the parties.
    • Legal age for both partners (over 18) and no any blood relation.
    • One of the partners should not be more than twice as old as the other.;
    • Certificate of pre-marital medical examination (Important! Both partners must be informed about each other’s health status).
    • Reference about the current marital status.
    • Certificate of divorce or death of the first spouse (for women).
    • Passport format photos (recently taken, colour).
    • Presence of two witnesses (Muslim men).
    • Presence of the father of the bride or a trusted person.
    • Marriage permission for a Muslim woman from her father or Muslim caregiver.
    • Personal presence of the couple during the ceremony.

    Marriage requirements in Dubai for tourists. If you are in Dubai on a tourist visa, you should take a closer look at marriage registration.

    As the requirements often change and may differ depending on which country you and your partner are citizens of. You should contact the consulate of your country for precise instructions on how to register your marriage.

    Among other things, you need to consider that having a Hindu wedding in Dubai or a traditional Indian wedding in Dubai can be problematic due to strict Muslim religious norms.

    If you want a traditional Indian wedding, look at countries that are more tolerant of other cultures, such as Georgia. Here you can have a traditional wedding without the slightest problem.

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    Civil or judicial registration of marriage for representatives of India and Pakistan in Dubai

    Requirements for the couple:

    • Both parties are of legal age (over 18).
    • Both partners are not in a valid marriage to other people.
    • The bride and groom are legally capable.
    • The partners passed the medical health check and provided each other with the results.
    • The partners are not related by blood.

    Procedure of applying for marriage registration:

    • Notification the Marriage Department of the Ministry of Justice about your desire to get married no later than 30 days before the chosen date of marriage. This requirement is due to the need to notify a sufficient number of people about the upcoming marriage, and a third party, if there are any grounds for this, could proceed the protest. In case of the marriage officer of the Department of Justice upholds the objection, the marriage application will be denied.

    Provision of the documents:

    • A document confirming citizenship or residence permit in the UAE (at least for one of the partners).
    • Marriage status certificate.
    • Information about the place of actual living.
    • Age confirming data.

    Marriage registration

    To register a marriage, your and your partner’s personal presence in the court on the appointed day and time is a must.

    To certify the marriage, you must be accompanied by:

    • The father or caregiver of the bride;
    • Two male witnesses of Islam religion.

    Thus, we can conclude that it is quite possible to get married in the UAE, although the procedure takes a very long time and requires serious preparatory measures. So that, if you need to get married in the shortest possible time, we recommend to register your marriage abroad, for example, in Georgia, where a simplified marriage registration system is used and there are no any serious bureaucratic difficulties.

    Georgia is distinguished not only by its stunning landscapes and excellent cuisine, but also by the opportunity to get married in 24 hours. Want to get more detailed information about the wedding in Georgia – then contact a manager of the «Shu Wedding» agency.

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