Marriage in Germany vs Georgia: which one is a better option?

  • Is difficult enough to find two countries more dissimilar to each other than Germany and Georgia. Therefore, a couple deciding to get married abroad and considering these two directions is definitely not like most lovers we have worked with.

    For sure, the partners are guided by an individual number of parameters when choosing the country for a wedding, but in most cases, the selection criteria include:

    • Ability to easily enter the country (remoteness, travel cost and visa requirements). 
    • Number of documents required for marriage registration.
    • Bureaucratic processes terms.
    • The picturesque landscapes.
    • Price range for the wedding and related services.
    • Possibility to combine the marriage registration with honeymoon trip.
    • General feedback about the country and its citizens.

    For most of the points listed above, Georgia and Germany have really different characteristics. To verify the veracity of these words, let’s partially consider a number of requirements for the process of marriage registering for foreigners in each particular country.

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    Requirements for the process of marriage registering for foreigners in Germany

    The requirements for foreigners wishing to marry in Germany will depend on their nationality and residence status in the country. The following are general provisions regarding the marriage registration process in this country:

    • Applicattion for the marriage registration. A foreign couple have to apply for marriage registration at the local registration office (Standesamt) in Germany. The application can be submitted in person, by mail or online.
    • Documentation. The partners have to provide the documents proving their identity (passport or travel document) The documents in any language except German require notarized translation into German
    • Residence Permit. If you are in Germany with a residence permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis), you have to provide a relevant copy of it. In case of entering the country by visa, you will need to obtain the appropriate residence permit in order to register a marriage.
    • Certificate of no valid marriage. A foreign citizen must provide the certificate of non-marriage or a certificate of divorce (if one or both partners were previously married or were in a registered partnership).
    • Age. The legal age for marriage in Germany is 18 years old. If a foreign citizen is under the legal age, obtaining a marriage license (Ehefähigkeitszeugnis) through the consulate of mother country is a must.
    • Lack of consanguinity. Marriage between people who are closely related by blood is prohibited by German law.
    • Health status. Before marriage, both partners must undergo a medical examination and provide a medical certificate confirming the absence of infectious diseases that may be dangerous for the partner.
    • Language. In some cases, language proficiency is required to get married in Germany. If the partners do not speak German, they may need an interpreter.
    • The cost of marriage registration. The cost of registering a marriage at the local authorities varies from $50 to $160. It depends on the legislation of the region (land), the specifics of the procedure and other nuances.

    It should be noted that the list of requirements for marriage in Germany may differ in each particular case. Therefore, before applying for marriage registration, you should clarify all the details by contacting the local registration office.

    Visa requirement for Germany

    A short-term entry visa (Schengen-Visa) or a long-term residence visa (National Visa) is required for foreigners wishing to get married in Germany. The need to obtain one or another type of visa depends on the citizenship of the partners and the purpose of their stay in Germany.

    • Schengen-Visa. If the foreigner plans to enter Germany for a short period of time (usually up to 90 days), the short term visa allowing to stay in Germany up to 90 days for any purpose, including the intention to marry, is required.
    • National Visa. If the foreigner plans to stay in Germany for more than 90 days, the long-term visa to stay is required. These types of visas may be issued for work, study, family ties, or other long-term purposes. If the foreign citizen plans to marry and stay in Germany permanently, obtaining an appropriate residence permit is a must.
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    Requirements for the process of marriage registering for foreigners in Georgia

    The requirements must be met by foreigners to marry in Georgia:

    • Applicattion for the marriage registratio. Partners must contact the Civil Registry Office and apply for marriage. The application can be submitted either in person or through a representative.
    • Documentation. In most of cases only the passports are needed.
    • Age. If partners are under the age of 18, they need to get consent from their parents or legal caregivers.
    • The cost of marriage registering. Marriage fees are set by the goverment and may vary depending on the registration procedure from $28 to $84.
    • Process of marriage registration. After application reviewing and documents submiting, the partners are allowed to choose the date and time of the wedding ceremony. Please note that two witnesses are required to get married. The shortest term of processing the registration takes 24 hours.

    Without a doubt, choosing a place for a future wedding is a serious matter that requires a sensible approach, taking all the circumstances and nuances into account. This is the key to the absence of stress and getting the positive emotions from one of the most important days in your life.

    If you are considering Georgia as a place to register your marriage, for sure, you may need the help of professionals who will take care of all the hassle of the wedding planning. Turning to «Shu Wedding» Agency you are guaranteed to get the best services for organizing your perfect wedding.

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