Is it true that I can get married in Georgia if I’m already married?

  • Due to our open communication policy and daily response to a variety of questions regarding weddings, decoration, organization, legal aspects, and other matters in Georgia, we are often approached for answers to quite unconventional inquiries.

    One of the questions that occasionally appears in our surveys is: «Can I be married in Georgia if I am already married?»

    The short answer is no. But let’s delve a bit deeper into this topic.

    First and foremost, it’s important to clarify what you mean:

    • «I was married, divorced, and now I want to remarry in Georgia.» In this situation, everything is fine; grab your partner’s hand and fly to Georgia – we will organize your wedding at the highest level.
    • «I am married, have a spouse, and want to remarry someone else in Georgia.» In this case, the answer is a categorical no. You cannot get married in Georgia if your divorce is not officially finalized.

    According to Article 1120 of the Civil Code of Georgia, «Circumstances Preventing Marriage,» marriage is not allowed between individuals, one of whom is already married to another person.

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    We have heard many stories that, yes, such a service is indeed offered. And we have even encountered situations of deceived couples who agreed to such dubious offers.

    But let’s model this situation. Suppose that despite one of the partners being in an existing marriage, you were married and issued appropriate documents.

    A marriage contracted in Georgia is legal worldwide, provided that it was entered into on legitimate grounds. Upon returning to your country of residence, you will need to authenticate your marriage certificate with local authorities. At this stage, your marital machinations are likely to be uncovered. In some countries, such a violation of the law can lead to imprisonment or fines.

    Thus, even if you were able to enter into such a marriage in Georgia, it would not be considered valid.

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    How to remarry without divorce?

    The only lawful way to marry without divorce from a previous spouse exists within Muslim culture. Even then, there are strict limitations, for example, having multiple partners is permissible only for men, and the allowable number of wives is limited to four. Moreover, the prospective husband must demonstrate that he can financially support each of his wives.

    There are no other legal methods currently available.

    What to do if your partner refuses divorce?

    If you encounter difficulties in the divorce process, we recommend seeking legal assistance from a lawyer. As our experience shows, there are no hopeless situations, and if peaceful resolution is not possible, divorce can always be sought under lawful circumstances.

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    When can you remarry in Georgia after divorce?

    Documents regarding the dissolution of marriage may come into effect at different times, but in most cases, the maximum waiting period is around a month. After the documents are issued, you will be informed of the timeframe when the divorce will be officially recognized. Therefore, after this period, you can calmly come to Georgia and marry your new partner.

    If you are confident that the divorce process will end in dissolution of marriage, we recommend preparing for the wedding during the divorce proceedings to avoid wasting time afterward. The key is to have the divorce documents in hand on the day of the wedding.

    How quickly can you register a marriage in Georgia?

    In the practice of our wedding agency «Shu Wedding,» various cases have arisen, and the speed of organizing a wedding depends on the preferences of the couple. The organization can take from three days to several months. If your goal is to marry as quickly as possible, contact us, and we will help you become lawful spouses in the shortest possible time.

    We hope that the question of the legality of remarriage in Georgia is now closed, and you know how to marry correctly and who will help you in this endeavor!

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